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In 2010, young Chinese stylists opened their own production of outerwear. By this time they had 15 years of experience in creating high-quality, popular collections of outerwear of famous brands from Europe, Canada and Russia. All brands are positioned in the middle-high price segment.


In their portfolio you can find such brands as: Samsoe from Denmark, Savage from Russia, Wonhundred from Denmark, Luwine from Russia, Elvine from Sweden, People from Russia, Colorwear from Sweden, Broadway from Russia, Makia from Finland, Extra from Russia, Burntlime from Canada, Velour from Sweden, Second Female from Denmark, Sorgenfri from Germany.


In 2012, they registered their own brand in Sweden-WORLDSEE.

The motto of the company producing the WORLDSEE brand says: style, quality, comfort.

This brand is produced in our own factory NANJING TAIDONG TRADING CO. LTD, located in China. Advanced technology and the latest technical equipment allows the factory to be one of the leading manufacturers of outerwear, both male and female.


The factory has a full and closed production cycle: there is a Department for the development of style and design, there is also a special Department where products are tested for water resistance, wear resistance, strength, windproof properties. Thus, the products undergo a multi-level quality control.


Combining their experience, fashion design trends, as well as the wishes of consumers factory of NANJING TAIDONG TRADING CO. creates collections that are always in demand on the market. Extensive experience in creating collections and their production for the Russian market makes the factory competitive offering its own brand WORLDSEE fully adapted to Russian customers.

The WORLDSEE brand embodies what millions of consumers dream of-comfortable outerwear for everyday wear.


WORLDSEE-style, quality, comfort that you already know and appreciate.

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